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The 22nd China Yiwu International Commodities Fair opened on October 21
Oct 21, 2016

The 22nd China Yiwu International Commodities Fair opened on October 21

The 22nd China Yiwu International Commodities Fair will be held on October 21 to 25 in Yiwu International Expo Center was held. Reporters from this afternoon's press conference was informed that this year's Fair attracted 15 countries from around the world and 22 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of more than 2,000 exhibitors, professional buyers will also have a substantial increase is expected to There are more than 200 countries and regions from 200,000 buyers to attend.


Yiwu Fair this year, a total of 4100 international standard booths, involving 14 major industries, is divided into 10 Museum area, exhibition area of 150000 square meters. The exhibition will introduce the "Zhejiang Made" brand products and the national high-quality daily consumer goods exhibitions along the route, attracting high-quality buyers and professional businessmen from all over the world, further highlighting internationalization, specialization, marketization, branding and informatization. , Strive to build Yiwu Fair to become the world's commodity producers and buyers to carry out trade negotiations, product display, the preferred platform for information dissemination.


The first set of "Zhejiang" exhibition, accelerate the transformation to the brand


"Made in Zhejiang" is a regional brand in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Yiwu will build "Zhejiang manufacturing" demonstration area, accelerate the "Zhejiang" and Yiwu market integration Hing, Yiwu goods from low-end to high-end brand transformation. The first exhibition of "Made in Zhejiang" theme exhibition, the image display wall, the results of the exhibition area, the benchmark enterprise pavilion three parts, a total of 50 exhibitors, of which "Zhejiang manufacturing" brand certification 13, "Zhejiang" brand 37 enterprises. During the same period, there will be "Zhejiang Manufacturing" high-level seminar and "Zhejiang-made" brand enterprises and market, capital matchmaking, well-known economists, capital market experts, financial institutions and around the city "Zhejiang" brand certification enterprises and enterprises Representatives of more than 600 participants, to discuss "Zhejiang" brand how to go out, docking capital market, to promote the transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang enterprises.


The first set up "along the way," the import exhibition, opening up new foreign trade blue ocean


This year, the exhibition will be the first time to set up a "one-stop all the way" exhibition area, which will show the fine products from all over the world, especially the "National Belt" along the national boutique, with Italy, Germany, Britain, Poland, Pakistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Thailand, Korea and Japan. More than 40 countries and regions of the international exhibitors, a total of more than 100 booths, exhibits covering household items, jewelry, handicrafts, clothing, food and so on.


Online and offline integration, enhance the level of information


Yiwu is a well-known city of electronic business, registered electric business accounts up to 250,000, of which cross-border power density of the second, Yiwu Fair also gathered a large number of network operators, network goods. This exhibition for the first time set up a micro-business exhibition, the museum will be fashion design, "Internet +", micro-business, network and other innovative elements of deep integration, leading the industry benchmark. Many well-known domestic micro-business enterprises will debut brand micro-business, as well as from the domestic network of 100 gathered at the show, through the network broadcast, new conference T show, show the major micro-business brand, and create and share micro-business , Net red "1 + 1> 2" effect. The same period will also hold the China Network Red Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the World Network Red Contest, China Yiwu the first mobile power business innovation Summit Forum and a series of "Internet +" activities for online and offline practitioners bring new ideas and new models, Help the information industry to upgrade speed.


Mining contact docking precision, improve professional services


In order to enhance the economic and trade effect, the fair attracts high-quality buyers from all over the world and attracts high-quality buyers from all over the world. It is expected that there will be 200,000 buyers from more than 200 countries and regions. Participants, including overseas businessmen will be more than 2 million people.



During the exhibition will also be held daily necessities, hardware, pet supplies, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and other four industry procurement special matchmaking, Lanting set potential, Jingdong, Yue Wang, Renren Dian large electric business procurement special, and the Yangtze River Delta Convention and Exhibition Union Procurement and other special. Through the platform to match the exact set for the merchants to provide one-stop shop-site procurement services. In addition, this exhibition there are many value-added services, such as large-scale exhibition at home and abroad for the first time in the implantation of trade financial services, and Ningbo Avenue Group, the introduction of Yiwu Fair dedicated procurement credit card, to provide buyers with 5-10 million Credit, attracting overseas buyers under the single purchase.