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Jun 29, 2017


BaubleBar is a fast fashion jewelery brand founded by a pair of good friends Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky in New York in 2011. It is dedicated to providing fashionable and fashionable fashion jewelery with a foolish price. Unlike the popular "Less is more" design concept, BaubleBar firmly believes that "More is more", each woman should be from the mix of different jewelry to dress for their own dress. All the jewels are designed and made in New York and are updated by about 100 pieces per week. BaubleBar also often and star cooperation, guest designers, they are called "star bartender". And these stars list Olivia Palermo, Coco Rocha, Emma Roberts and AlessandraAmbrosio fashion circles such as the most fashionable people. More importantly, only need 100 dollars the following will be able to buy these cooperation models, and work well so absolutely do not have to worry about parity.


Supermodel Coco Rocha as BaubleBar guest designer, has designed a series of very she has the style of jewelry, complicated and delicate very small woman style.


Olivia Palermo's collaborative design series is naturally in line with her own exquisite atmosphere of the aristocratic style.


Alessandra Ambrosio series, you can easily imagine is like her own passionate Brazilian style: full of colorful embossed bracelet and exaggerated necklace.


The same is also very suitable for vacation and beach wear with the jewelry


Colorful, rich layers of stacked bracelets, summer vacation is an indispensable accessories


Trendy and elegant atmosphere of the BaubleBar also often appear in the Instagram various fashion fine photos.


As the brand design and production are completed in New York, to maintain the brand's fast-paced update speed.