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BaubleBar Jewelry
Jul 01, 2017

Recommended single product:


BaubleBar Asymmetric Ring Reference Price: 185 CNY

This unique design of the ring, made of gold-plated brass, inlaid with asymmetrical geometry of crystal and small stones. Can be in the weekdays for the monotonous costumes as the crowning touch, but also as a cocktail ring to wear.


BaubleBar Quartz Gold Gold Bracelet Reference Price: 250 CNY

This bracelet is cast from gold-plated brass, decorated in the opening with two multi-faceted quartz stone is a very modern design of the bracelet adds a sense of mystery, is the first choice for everyday wear.


BaubleBar earring group Reference price: 225 CNY

This group of ingenuity by the Big Dipper and the North Star composed of stars. If you are perforated on the ear bone, you can try to wear together to create a complete star shape. Wearing is also very delicate and beautiful.