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BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo
Jul 10, 2017

On behalf of the brand: BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo

Nationality: United States

Design Style: Nothing is more convincing than the fashion Icon demo, especially Olivia Palermo. 100 yuan of jewelry can also wear a sense of high quality, this is the charm of fashion jewelry show the Department. American jewelry website BaubleBar joint Olivia Palermo, introduced, including wide bracelets, oversize necklaces, earrings and brooches, etc., the metal and glass material to create both pure and generous and very stylish appearance, while enhancing the elegant charm of jewelry. More importantly, each piece of jewelry in 100 dollars below, absolutely meet the "inexpensive" criteria.

Olivia Palermo wear BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo jewelery series

BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo Jewelry Series

BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo Jewelry Series

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