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Carla Amorim
May 20, 2017

They are jewelry designers from Brazil

Featured Gemstone Use - Carla Amorim

Designer CarlaAmorim is now Brazil's most influential senior jewelry designer, and her design in Brazil's most unique use of precious stones is not much, but most of the design inspiration from Brazil's natural scenery and culture.


Carla Amorim best use a variety of geometric lines to create a sense of three-dimensional space, which is absolutely unique among the jewelry designers.


Carla Amorim Gold Bracelet

She will be grouped inlaid precious stones hidden in a huge metal cover, will use the most simple combination of geometric shapes into a difficult fashionable style.


Carla Amorim black agate earrings

CarlaAmorim has now become a fashionable star who love, although China has no shop, but can be purchased through www.therealreal.com, and now part of the style there are 50% discount.