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J.estina Red
Aug 01, 2017

On behalf of the brand: J.estina Red

Nationality: South Korea

Design style: the rise of Korean jewelry, must be grateful to the influence of Korean drama. From the "stars from you" to "she is very beautiful", the heroine of the shape has become a popular pursuit of the object, they wear jewelry, also became the focus of attention, J.estina Red is in Korean drama "she Very beautiful "in one of the jewelry, the pursuit of neat design aesthetic style. Iconic crown series, very suitable for cute cute styling style, or Lac Bleu series, simple lines and dots together to create a very sense of architectural design works to meet the simple style of fashion with simple style. The same is 100 yuan to thousands of the price range, you can meet the pursuit of fashion and texture of jewelry.

Sun Xiaozhen wearing J.estina Red jewelery

J.estina Red Jewelery

J.estina Red Jewelry Lac Bleu Series

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