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Kenneth Jay Lane
Jul 24, 2017

On behalf of the brand: Kenneth Jay Lane

Nationality: United States

Design style: Compared with other jewels, Kenneth Jay Lane is definitely a senior American jewelry brand. Since the creation of the brand in 1963, from Elizabeth Taylor to Sarah Jessica Parker and many other celebrities fell in love with his bold, gorgeous crystal dressed design. Yes, though so senior, but Kenneth Jay Lane also because of the cheap material, advanced design, with many favored. However, in the design style, the same is also a variety of exotic tribal style, Vintage antique wind, elegant decorative wind, or modern fashionable wind, are Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry contains the style, whether it is daily dress, Workplace style, or dinner style, you can find the style you need jewelry. If you can Amoy to a Kenneth Jay Lane antique wind jewelry, will become the finishing touch in the finishing touch. So glamorous jewelry more attractive features, of course, is the price! Kenneth Jay Lane the pursuit of positioning, has been able to meet the love of women at the same time, only need to use hundred dollars to thousands of dollars can be resolved.

Kenneth Jay Lane Square Zircon Plated Rhodium Stud Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Artificial Pearl, Crystal Tassel Plated Rhodium Earrings

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