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Stella & Dot
Jun 17, 2017

To the United States San Francisco jewelry brand Stella & Dot, in their design, not only can see the daily wear rate of very high tiny jewelry, there are some like cool full rivet elements. This is a star and fashion bloggers and the success of popular brands. Attracts a star and blogger including Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Alessandra Ambrosio, and so on. In the very discernible personality of a single product at the same time, the price of the brand is also very close to the people, most of the single product spent less than 100 dollars can be included in the bag, which is one of the reasons it is favorable. In addition to jewelry, there are bags, watches and scarves and other accessories.


Vanessa Hudgens is really very good at the "cheap" jewelry wearing a sense of superiority, Stella & Dot is also a member of her mashup jewelry.


The more simple the more suitable for jewelry with random, such as Lucy Hale free necklace worn in the neck, you can have the effect of embellishment.


Stella & Dot is very suitable for everyday wear Tinyjewelry, clavicle chain and low collar sweater with a charming feminine show.


Stella & Dot is a blend of feminine elements and masculine elements, such as the combination of pearls and rivets, to show the spirit of the brand: independent and confident woman, but never lack of feminine.


You can also use different elements and style of ornaments to carry out their own modeling creation. After all, fashion is not just play the role of pleasant eyes, fun and fun is also very important.