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Bracelet Accessories Dress And Embellishment
Sep 29, 2017

Some people say that beautiful woman is born is a stunner, beautiful and gentle and lovely woman is the best of the best in the matter. Her tenderness, such as a ray of breeze blowing, it is refreshing; her charming and pleasant, like a plum blossom, it is feast for the eyes.

But then the beautiful woman also need accessories dress and embellishment, no expensive gold diamond ornaments, and sometimes just a special bracelet will be enough. Hao Hao fiber wrist has been compelling, if accompanied by only small chic bracelet is even more attractive. Waving between the wrist side of the elegant charm Dayton, the whole body of the endless style also come from.

The role of the bracelet in general there are three aspects: First, show identity, highlight the personality; Second, beautify the arm; Third, health care body. Bracelets are usually worn on the left hand, inlaid gemstone bracelet should be attached to the wrist, not inlaid with precious stones, can be loosely worn on the wrist. Only pairs of bracelets can wrist at the same time wear.

Bracelets are generally made of jade or metal. Jade, jade, jade eyes, hibiscus jade, jade, jade, jade and other jade are processing bracelet materials; metal materials such as: gold, silver, jade, jade, Alloy and so on.

Color: jade expert on the color is very important. Color is not only an important criterion for assessing the quality of jade, but also the main basis for the classification of jade.

Hardness: hardness is one of the important signs of She Tai Cui. The hardness of a mineral is a mechanical property that the mineral enters into other objects. There are usually two kinds of hardness:

(1) relative hardness, or Mohs hardness, is a scoring hardness.

(2) absolute hardness, also called pressure into the hardness. Is based on the weight of the mineral surface can withstand the determination. She Tai Cui's Mohs hardness of 6.9 to 7.2 between the different varieties slightly different. In general, white hardness is slightly larger than jade. Jewelry industry in general to the hardness as a symbol of gem and jade is an important symbol. Gem hardness is generally more than 7.3 degrees Moore, jade hardness is generally in the Mo 4 ~ 7.2 degrees,Bracelet  She Tai Cui hardness, good polishing, easy to save, with a certain collection value.

Density: Density is the weight of the unit volume of jade. She Tai Cui's body weight with a small body weight, 2.65 ~ 2.85. Different varieties slightly different, white for 2.85, white and white for the 2.65, jade for 2.75.

Transparency: transparency is the degree of visible light through the jade, which is mainly related to the absorption of light on the jade,Bracelet  mineralogical generally divided into transparent, translucent, micro-transparent body, non-transparent 4. She Tai-ting are micro-transparent body, In the general degree of progress, through the light, but can not see through the image.

Gloss: Gloss is the ability of jade to reflect light. She too Cuise is a glass luster. This is not strong luster is not weak, that is, there is no light crystal inspiration, there is no weak light wax texture, soft and delicate, shiny can Kam.