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Bracelet Stylish And Generous
Oct 20, 2017

The common Bracelet are classified according to the types of water species, such as bean seed, oil green bracelet, waxy seed bracelet, ice bracelet, glass bracelet, etc. According to the color classification has the following several: White bottom green bracelet, violet bracelet, Huang, double color bracelet, green bracelet, float Lan and so on. Three different angles of nomenclature, can be superimposed together, such as some called ice two-color bracelet, some are called glutinous species of violet Imperial bracelet, can be more accurately summed up the emerald species of aqua.

1: Ice species Bracelet glass and ice Bracelet are rarely seen, is the best kind of water Bracelet, the value of Emerald High. Take the colorless ice species jadeite bracelet For example, the foundation is more exquisite, the size is fitted, no blemish, the price is stable in million yuan above. If there is a green or blue color, then the value is higher. Ice bracelet value difference, mainly reflected in the color and the bottom, if the color is the same or colorless, the difference is that the bottom is delicate, such as the following Jade bracelet, is very delicate, the value is very high. The value of the ice bracelet, which has more internal impurities, will be affected.

2. Green Bracelet Green Bracelet is the best color bracelet, especially the color of the sun, the bottom of the delicate green bracelet, its value is not cheap. One with a better color of green jade bracelet for the best, can reach One-third green is very rare. Common green Bracelet in the majority of beans, there are beans green Bracelet and white bottom green Bracelet, the water to reach the glutinous species of green Bracelet have a certain collection value, if it is ice waxy or ice species, then the value is very high. Green Bracelet are named after color, the value of color mainly embodies the color of hue, saturation and color, the same color on different kinds of water effects, ice-green map is very good, the performance of the better, more valuable than beans and glutinous seed a lot higher. Color difference also has a great impact on the value, such as white bottom green bracelet, green if the distribution of chaos, it is more than the whole green bracelet value low.

3: Double color bracelet double color bracelet more see, Common purple and green (also spring color) yellow and green collocation (also known as Huangga Green), the yellow part of the bracelet may come from the Emerald original stone under the skin of the "Yellow Mist", purple parts from the jade "meat."

4: Violet bracelet violet jadeite Bracelet is more common, not much of a good color. Because of the color of the violet emerald is difficult to combine, the color of a good violet emerald, the kind of water is relatively poor, violet jadeite pendant is very difficult to have a special color, let alone Bracelet.

5: Blue flower bracelet fluttering blue flower bracelet is also in recent years particularly popular varieties, because of the soaring prices of raw materials, resulting in blue flower jadeite bracelet Price also rose a lot. Floating Blue flower emerald refers to the species of water at least more than the ice waxy species, or even to the ice or glass species, the color of the blue-green mainly without blackening of the emerald. If it is a bean species jade, the color is more rigid, it is not "floating" if the color is black, it can not be called "Blue flower." Evaluation of the blue flower jadeite bracelet good or bad, in addition to looking at its kind of water and blue tone, the overall tone of the bracelet is also very important, to colorless transparent for the best, if the color is gray or even black, then the value of a lot of lower.

6: Beans Species Bracelet is the most in the emerald bean species, beans are also the most common Bracelet. The texture of beans is worse than that of ice and waxy species, but there are also some fine jadeite, such as Tou Le and white base. Tou Le is a full color of beans, white bottom green is white on the green Jade Emerald, both belong to high-grade jade. Bean bracelet because its color is green, the price is relatively moderate, deeply popular, its value is mainly to look at the bottom of the degree of fineness and color saturation. White Jade Jadeite Bracelet value high and low, mainly to see whether the background is white, green is strong yang, in addition to the green color and the size of the area.