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Brooch Showing A Different Style
Oct 31, 2017

In the increasingly heavy winter clothes, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets seem not easy to exist in the end, in the end what can resist the cold resistance heavy, so that your sense of fashion does not reduce with the temperature drop?

Yes, the answer is a chic and restless brooch!

Brooch breast pin, modern society, one of the commonly used ornaments of women, the texture is mostly silver or platinum, inlaid with masonry and other gemstones, will not be in the skirt, highlight their own good body or identity status.

Brooch is a female favorite thing, wearing a decent dress, matched with a color, shape and dress commensurate brooch, often give a "finishing touch" fashion beauty, but also more women show graceful charm.

Brooch can play a finishing touch on the role of clothing, so many people will pay great attention to the style of the brooch and with a specific clothing with. So how to pick the brooch?

Choose the brooch, of course, personal love, vision, interest and economic conditions vary, in addition, should also consider the following aspects:

1, age:

Girls or young women do not use the brooch too large, middle-aged women choose the pin, shape, size can be informal. Elderly use the brooch, preferably with dark, large particles made of gemstones.

2, modeling:

Brooch shape should be elegant and beautiful, unconventional. The color should be bright and pure, not too wide, too wide in the light of the light will appear under the dazzling, not soft.


Gem brooch to mosaic on the gem texture to pick and identify. On the gold, silver, copper and other materials have to conduct texture inspection, to prevent counterfeiting and shoddy.

4, meaning

Different types of Brooch have different meanings, like a variety of flowers have different "flower language" the same. Such as emerald with diamonds brooch, on behalf of "noble, eternal, deep friendship, with the same value." If both for Brooch can also be used as a pendant, said "people are flexible, know how to change." Pearl brooch, said "kind-hearted, pure and flawless, and there are" reverence and dignified "meaning.

Where is the brooch?

Chest side

In the brooch wear manual, put the brooch on the chest side is the most classic way to wear.

Brooch is almost a sign of noble and elegant women, but for a brooch style, it will be worn on the side of the sweater, it will show a different style.