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China's Rapid Economic Development, 2016 Total Gold Production In The First Half Lost To Consumer Demand
Aug 17, 2016

Gold is all good stuff, gold jewelry is not only adorn a match, is more than the value of RMB investment, first half of 2016, China produced 229.102 tons, compared with the same period last year, gold production increased by 0.368 tons, up 0.16%. Among them, mineral gold complete 192.323 metric tons of gold, up 0.33% over the last year.

Gold has completed ten major gold group minerals 77.45 tons, 40.27% of the total national mineral gold production. Among them, the China National Gold Corporation completed mineral gold 21.12 tons, accounted for 10.98%; Shandong gold group completed mineral gold 17.88 tons, accounted for 9.3%, zijin mining group company limited (domestic) complete mineral gold 12.74 tonnes, accounted for 6.62%; Shandong zhaojin group completed mineral gold 10.82 tons, accounting for 5.62%.

First half of 2016, national gold consumption was 528.52 tons, down 7.68%, with gold jewelry consumption 340.64 tons, down 17.38%; gold bars gold 128.19 tons, an increase of 25.33%, in which the standard small bars of gold, 31.03 tons, an increase of 646.63%; gold coins gold 12.9 tons, an increase of 17.27%; industrial and other gold 46.79 tons, down 0.3%.