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Diamond Shopping Spree, The Process Should Not Take
Aug 17, 2016

Boyle are of power really of is is not allowed underestimated, first has Boyle are crazy acquisition gold, now Boyle is will target steering has diamond, this not and began group crazy acquisition diamond has, Boyle are can have take points Ah, alone listening to with on some let people panic at the, although purchase diamond of when is very happy of, but must to note process, immigration Shi must to accept declared, or is breaking of behavior.

Hong Kong media said, following after which commenced, Boyle saw the diamond market in the Mainland, hence groups abroad such as Belgium's sweeping diamond, purchasing goods entry, reportedly purchasing earned 200,000 yuan. However, due to non-use of diamonds were included in the goods declaration by mainland customs, purchase diamonds at any time constitute smuggling can face jail time.

According to Hong Kong's Oriental daily reported on August 12, diamond sales in the Mainland at present is means there are three big problems, including false clarity to push prices, empty sign diamond weight, insecurity and other aftermarket. As one of the world's largest diamond trading centre in Antwerp, local artisan's renowned diamond cutting technology, selling diamonds undergo a rigorous identification, by the Mainland women's welcome. Sweep to Antwerp diamonds diamonds Boyle in the mainland also came into being.

"A small bag, holding in her hand and light a small, worth millions of Yuan" a granny surnamed Liu who participate in purchasing diamonds, the mainland media describing her experiences in Antwerp last June. She was referring to his diamond hidden in his underwear, toilet, bathing for several days in a row, walk and sleep tight.

She said at the buy diamonds in Antwerp, purchase prices per carat for about 55,000 yuan, with quality diamonds at retail prices of about 111,000 yuan in Xiamen. Her seat at the purchase price plus 20%, sold purchasing diamonds, once earned 200,000 yuan. In front of the Chinese Valentine's day this year, MA went on.

According to the customs regulations in the Mainland, diamonds of non-visitors travel toiletries or necessities, it belongs to the category of goods, travel should be declared, or otherwise used for smuggling, and in serious cases can be sentenced to imprisonment. Diamond water emerging has attracted attention, mainland customs action for strike clip hidden diamonds, in the Luohu customs in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, in January-July this year a total of 71 cases were seized for smuggling diamonds, 1.7 times more than last year, and seized smuggled diamonds increased by 5.8 times per cent.

The more interesting things to keep an eye out, don't let yourself somehow touched the laws at the beginning, otherwise I'll regret too late.