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Jewellery Into The Internet And Offline Mode Transformation Of Traditional Jewelers
Aug 17, 2016

In recent years, the jewelry market of winter and weak consumption, sluggish market situation is to let the original jewelry consumer market, jeweler business revenue and profit decline, traditional jewelry industry much-needed restructuring. Meanwhile, as with "purse of gold" as the representative of the "online shop" modes, online and offline model is offering new ideas for traditional jewelers.

CCTV financial channel on August 10, the stagnant market, jewellery dealers no longer in Jinan, Shandong province for a large jewelry city over 30% loss in its jewelry shops, and lots of gold jewelry shops and even turned into a gym and children's playground.

Late July 2016 gold industry in the first half of the China Gold Association data. Data show that China's gold consumption fell 7.68%.

According to the monitoring data of the all-China commercial information center in 2016, the first half of the 50 key retail business growth rate of retail sales of gold and silver jewelry-20.9%, down from 22% a year earlier.

Net surplus, declining performance, large orders plummeted and many factors, depressed conditions in the market as a whole will still continue. Some well-known enterprises profit almost halved, or SME business more difficult.

Meanwhile, with the development of Internet technology, providing investment and consumption through mobile Internet services of the Internet gold management platform, is to build communication networks of consumers and online shop.

Traditional jewelry e-commerce service was limited in scope, and via the Internet "online shop" model, the "gold purse" physical gold, such as retail and investment platform to trans-regional, TRANS-time service: users online at any time to buy gold, physical gold can be extracted offline to shop.

After users to buy gold on the line, in no hurry to extract, you can put it on the platform of "reduce" gold leased to small and medium enterprises, to gain some profit.

By fully exploiting the value of physical gold, "gold purse" while addressing a small jewelry business in the real economy "leasing gold" issue, on the other hand as an online shop with offline shop complement, by O2O form "faster and more convenient" to service consumers, expand "gold bugs" group.