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Jewelry Show Quality Needs To Be Improved, Still Need To Be Cautious
Aug 17, 2016

Jewelry exhibition is many people are like participate in of exhibition, because in above not only can appreciate to many fine bright of jewelry, fancy like of also can will its income SAC in the, so now jewelry exhibition of held is increasingly frequently, can may are because so jewelry exhibition now also has increasingly more of problem exists has, which most key of is jewelry exhibition of quality to be improve, so everyone in consumption of when also is need note caution of.

As the Beijing exhibition market is growing in recent years, many international exhibition organized by the exhibitors choose to regularly sell their goods. But the show does not improve the quality of the monitoring mechanism, enabling consumers to purchase a product easy to run into trouble. Xiong's complaint said yesterday, she in March this year, "33rd International gifts, premiums and Houseware Fair, Beijing, China" on spending 1200 Yuan to buy a set of jewelry, but never thought to buy a big trouble.

Buy jewelry suspected fakes

Xiong told reporters in March this year in the event of a India buy price 1200 exhibitors "Crystal" jewelry three piece set.

After purchasing this jewel, Xiong attended a jewelry appraisal, but bear experts at the meeting said that she is not a natural Crystal, 100 Yuan can buy on the Internet. Xiong was surprised about this, although at that time there is no voucher transactions, but because it is a micro-payment, Xiong had India Exhibitor app. By August, Xiong's "34th China Beijing International gifts, premiums and Houseware Fair", the app finds the India exhibitors, exhibitors seemed unwilling to cooperate. Eventually, after organizers Reed Exhibitions group exhibitions in China, Beijing's coordination exhibitors agreed to return Miss bear and returned 800 Yuan.

But without undue loss of 400 Yuan, Xiong Xiaojie told reporters, during conciliation, the organizers have agreed with the seller in English "Crystal" differences in the definitions, which Miss bear quite helpless. In addition, Xiong Xiaojie and found a sponsor in charge the Exhibitor fee, exhibitors selling not very strict regulation.