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Korea Brand Heavy Metal Release Of Nickel In Jewelry Quality Worrying Over 136 Times Times
Aug 17, 2016

In recent years, plenty of drama continued on the line, remove the wonderful story, heroine of jewelry also attracted the attention of many girls. However, Korea jewelry design look good, quality problems is worrying.

Recently, this reporter learned from the Jilin entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Bureau from Korea imported one brand metal earrings and necklaces, heavy metals have been detected in excessive release of nickel. At present, these ornaments have been transported without flow into the domestic market.

Korea brand heavy metal release of nickel in jewelry Super standard 136 times

It is understood that this Korea imported a brand metal earrings and necklaces, 27.40 g/cm2 release of nickel detected respectively • week and 14.24 g/cm2 • week, beyond the mandatory standards (GB28480) of 0.2 g/cm2 • week and 0.5 g/cm2 • week limited 136 times and 27.48 times times.

Experts say that if skin contact with harmful heavy metals exceeded an ornament, easily lead to allergic reactions; especially when hot days sweating and sweat of these heavy metals may react with jewelry, leading to Dermatitis, Erythema, blisters and other symptoms, serious heavy metal poisoning may occur if regular exposure to excess release of nickel jewelry, which can lead to Dermatitis, may also trigger eczema. Unqualified jewelry market inflows, or the wearer's health will be a certain amount of "hidden damage".