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Long Necklace A Free And Fluent Personality
Oct 20, 2017

Long Necklace is the head and chest between the neck part of the Long Necklaces, the item is located in the body's most important hinge parts, longitudinal and head, chest connection, transverse and human shoulders are linked to each other, is the person's vision of the most readable decorative accessories.

Long necklace hanging on the skin delicate neck, such a picture immediately become a beautiful scenery line Oh! A fashion hundred necklace is a trend element, not only for the original single dress to add a bright spot, but also reflects the unique fashion charm of the individual.

As a window of individuality, the ornaments of different textures, shapes and colours strongly express the female's individuality, appreciation level and spiritual style.

Items are compact, loose, three-dimensional, norms and random and other forms, different forms, there are different expression, such as: dense, with a compact, independent, rigorous and aristocratic sense, can be a powerful foil to the head of the image and strength; loose, with a free, smooth personality, giving life and skin strong dynamic and vitality.

Today's trend is the clothes are shorter and longer, accessories more and more long, this is particularly evident in the star body, before must be a long skirt to prop up the big accessories, now, a short T-shirt, or a skirt to prop up more than enough, especially the long necklace.

To tell the truth, I really don't love the sweater with the necklace (the Dafa with the long necklace). Commonly known as the sweater chain of this long necklace, because the bottom of the sweater, appears to be old and sour gas.

Good sweater, with texture to speak, with the texture, why, but also gild a big long chain, too strange, it is therefore, this long shape necklace, suffer, has been not into my discernment. There are friends or brands, generally, they are I was in the doghouse, fresh less to touch.