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Rhinestone And Crystal Necklace Used To Imitate The Diamond Material
Oct 31, 2017

The full name of the diamond is called crystal diamond, but it is neither crystal nor diamond, but refers to all the materials used to imitate diamonds.

Rhinestone And Crystal Necklace have several common materials, including glass, artificial crystal, topaz, zircon, synthetic cubic zirconia, etc., specifically in the use of low-grade jewelry. If the division by the origin, there are Austrian drilling, Czech drilling, Korean drilling, domestic A drill, domestic B drilling and other commonly known. Rhinestone fineness is different, there will be a big difference in gloss, such as Czech drilling gloss can be maintained for three years.

Rhinestone And Crystal Necklace according to the color classification can be divided into: white diamond, color drill (such as pink, red, blue, etc.), color diamond (also AB drilling), color AB drill (such as red AB, blue AB, etc.). Not only the diamond is mistaken for diamonds, and even the commercial "crystal" does not mean that we are familiar with the natural crystal, but refers to the special type of artificial jewelry for the bright glass. One of the most typical examples is Swarovski crystal, Swarovski crystal is actually lead glass, because the addition of metal lead, the color is particularly beautiful. So Swarovski crystal is the best diamond, because the cutting is excellent, relatively bright. But do not say Swarovski sells fakes, people never say that they are selling natural crystal, it sells is the craft and design.

Since the diamond is not broken diamond, then broken drill refers to what?

What is broken drill

Rhinestone And Crystal Necklace, also known as crystal diamonds, rhinestone, the main component is crystal glass, is the artificial crystal glass cut into diamond carved get an ornament accessories.

Broken diamond is not broken pieces of diamonds, but small particles only. Used in the mosaic of the broken drill and the anti-drilling. SLR drill has 17-18 cut, and foot anti-drilling and large diamond, like, with 57-58 section. So even the broken diamond, is also a complete diamond. Generally less than 10 points in the diamond can be called broken diamond

 Often it is said that a small broken diamond worthless. In fact, this is relative. A small piece of small pieces of diamond, of course, can not sell any high prices. But for the group set inlaid, all need high magnification microscope artificial mosaic, process cost is not low, the amount is also very large, mosaic costs are too common.

Therefore, the broken diamond group inlaid jewelry prices is definitely not a lot of people imagine the worthless, it is only used in jewelry mosaic, not like a large number of stones used in jewelry, clothing, shoes and so on. More will not appear there are local tyrants to the car, staircase are filled with broken diamond situation.