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This Way Too Clever Disguise Of Return Gold Bait-Gold Bracelet
Aug 17, 2016

Gold jewelry has always been a favorite jewelry, but pay buy gold find turned out to be gold-plated, it is that no one can stand.

On August 1, the consumer Shaowu Zhang Xin long jewelry store cost 6783 Yuan to buy a gold jewelry, gave his wife as a birthday gift. But an opportunity to find buying a gold bracelet is gold-plated, made from the hearts of his anger, Shaowu to consumer complaint information centre complaints immediately.

Center staff immediately and into the shop with about this issue, a jewelry-store operator Chen was surprised. At first, she strongly denies. She said she runs the TCI and jewelry, are from the large company stock, various ticket procedures complete, absolutely impossible to be fakes, they have never received similar complaints. But after Zhang to produce gold bracelet, with only the naked eye can make basic judgment to its texture. Chen quickly identify plant with the same batch of gold and found no similar problems. Chen did not give up, and Center staff, identification bracelet to the relevant authority examines an accreditation body, subject to the results. Mr Zhang and Chen agreed.

On August 4, the results came out, buying gold bracelet, is considered to be gold-plated brass. Chen invited manufacturers quality control center experts concluded that the bracelet is not the manufacturer of the goods, and gives explanations from the pattern, work and other details. Looking at Chen still faces incredible appearance, Center staff members asked her this bracelet from a jewelry store. Ms Chan check sales records found that bracelet had a short sale experience. Records show that in May this year, has customers in their store to buy the bracelet, but soon returned saying, satisfied with the appearance of bracelets, return.

In order to give the consumer a good impression, immediately without any identification of the bracelet jewelry store to apply for a refund. They should be at this time, real gold bracelet had been switched.

Operators, Chan was very wrong, but according to the relevant consumer protection laws and regulations, under the mediation of the complaint Center staff, jewelry and returned to the business to buy gold bracelet 6783 and compensate consumers 6783 total 13566.

Meanwhile, Chen also made a report to police, and complaint Center with the help of staff, collected the relevant information provided to the police as evidence and survey information.

Report Center staff also issued a warning to various jewelry stores and gold shops, concerted attention to similar situations. It is reported that the police suspect has been locked, pending further after gathering evidence to take action.