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U.A.E. Decline Reason Was Because Local Demand For Gold Jewelry Not To Force
Aug 17, 2016

Now our demand for gold jewelry is high in gold jewelry so popular when everyone's attention, there is a drop in the demand for them is, yes it is the U.A.E., and the reason for this phenomenon is because local tyrants in the Middle East not to force, how on earth did this happen?

WGC said the U.A.E. gold jewellery demand fell 26% in the second quarter due to higher gold prices and the downturn in crude oil prices.

U.A.E. April-June gold demand fell to 11.1 tons, fell 3.8 tons.

Total jewellery demand fell 22% to 45 tons in the Middle East.

Are most seriously demand Egypt, fell 40% to 5.3 tons, due to the devaluation of the local currency makes Gold more expensive.

Turkey, too, political instability, tourism revenues and increased unemployment and export Russia reduced are restricting the demand for gold.

Iran gold demand rose 10% to 8 tons, is due to the January lifting of economic sanctions.

Global demand for gold rose 15% to 1123.4 tons.

These data tell us U.A.E. status of gold jewelry, this phenomenon has left many people worried, as well as draw attention to subsequent developments.