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Waiting For The Right Time, 2017 Jewelry Industry's Production Management Method
Aug 17, 2016

Jewelry is always to be optimistic about the industry, whatever was previously the old business model of production is still present and emerging business models for the future is to make producers keep pace with the developments and changes! China's jewelry industry has long been known as the sunrise industry, now seem to be moving in this direction, however, with Chinese stocks rising energy and raw material prices, inflation, devaluation of the dollar, tight ... ... It can be predicted that jewelry industry consolidation will accelerate, competition will intensify, corporate profit margins will face rising costs and credit financing more difficult issues such as tests. One hypothesis: If a long time in the future, these negative factors persisted, jewelry business who have not grown up what to do?

Business, it is a truism, is easy to work, only the immediate crisis. The old saying goes: a man without distant care, he must have immediate worries. Enterprises do not see the direction of industrial development, does not understand the objective changes of business environment in a timely manner, do not strive for progress, innovation, are not built to last, especially in today's globalization.

China small and medium jewelry business must face is: changes in the macroeconomic environment, the new labour code, labor costs rise, international and domestic gold price volatility and inflation remains high, while facing the large-scale invasion of foreign brands.

Not only that, but companies also face their own survival and development, it, marketing, strategy, product management, channel, brand, culture and personnel issues, everything the enterprise life, everything corporate decision makers at night disturbing sleep. Crisis always accompanied by opportunity. Occasion of the consolidation in the industry as a whole is, if homeopathy for, found on the direction of industrial development, work out their own development strategies, can also allow SMEs to come to the fore, as industry leaders.

"The selection more important than effort." Medium and small jewelry companies have now come to a need to make an immediate choice when any wait and uncertainty are likely to lose the opportunity, is likely to usher in a disaster.

In the jewelry industry upstream, midstream and downstream businesses, competition is definitely extremely brutal attack and defense in the future. Only choose enterprise development as soon as possible, make a scientific strategy of development, unswervingly implement the well established development policies, the dilemma can be truly out of the struggle, can truly come striding development opportunities.

Data show that the United States registered a year on average 500,000 companies, with less than 1 per thousand of the companies can go up to medium-scale enterprises, or calls a stable businesses. 999 at the 1000 companies under the horizontal line disappears, 95% of enterprises went bankrupt in less than 3 years, the rest of the business will stay forever in the ranks of small business owners.